Barton Mill







Weston Homes stunning new development combining the restoration of the historic Barton Mill on the River Stour in Canterbury. 

Gareth Jacob of Weston Homes comments “Our concept of the development is centred around the restoration of the Mill to its former glory and providing additional new homes in a traditional style, taking architectural inspiration from the Mill. The renovation and conversion of the Mill and the Georgian terraced houses and the construction of the new terraces within the grounds will use all the skills which Weston Homes has developed over the past 20 years. We are really looking forward to this challenging project and believe that Barton Mill will be one of our most attractive developments to date, and will be well received by the local community.”

At Barton Mill, Weston Homes will be creating appealing quality homes on this unusual waterside site, which is partly made up of a natural island, whilst protecting its historic character and conserving the local wildlife. Through working with the local conservation society, Weston Homes is keeping much of the Barton Mill site as a natural habitat for wildlife, such as the otters which will be supplied with special ladders to help them climb over the steep river banks and avoid crossing roads.

Architecturally Barton Mill will be eye-catching.  Homes will be built in a range of coordinating styles all will have pitched roofs, some taking a traditional character, others being more contemporary. The buildings' character will be dictated by different windows, doors and lintels constructed. 

The restoration of Barton Mill will breathe new life into this historic site which can trace its history back to the eleventh century when much of the land was used to grow barley which was brewed onsite to produce ale for the local monastery. The development will provide residents of Canterbury with a beautiful new residential area just a few minutes walk from the city centre. Local residents in Canterbury will also benefit from the development of Barton Mill as Weston Homes will be opening up access to the river path and Mill pond which has been shut off for several years.