Mayfield Grange

This housing development consisted of several different phases ranging from the refurbishment of a Grade II listed building, to new blocks of flats and new build large luxury houses. Each stage of the development required different engineering solutions to deal with the variety of problems presented.

The refurbishment of the main building and chapel incorporated complete internal changes to accommodate the new apartments and new lift shaft. One interesting aspect was the reinstatement of the spire roof to the main tower which had been destroyed back in the 1970’s.

The new flats which were built into the side of the hill had a basement car park constructed with reinforced concrete slabs and walls and ground bearing pad foundations. At ground floor level a podium transfer slab provided the platform for the load bearing masonry superstructure with pre-cast concrete floors for the upper stories.

The houses were typically large 4 / 5 bedroom built to a high specification for the upper end of the market. Several of these again were built into the side of a hill. The foundations were traditional trench filled footings and were in clay, so the influence of nearby trees had to be accommodated. Some of the houses had semi-basements which required retaining walls with tanking to accommodate the living space. Reinforced concrete ground bearing slabs with RC walls were used in these instances. The general method of construction for the houses was with load bearing masonry with timber floors and steel beams where required.