“I graduated in July 2007 and have taken this job for a one-year placement experience before I do my MSc. I think for a freshly graduated student what I wanted was to find a job which can give me a good overview of the industry, actual practice of the work and most importantly the opportunities to allow me to learn. At this company, although it is not large, there is always work to do and as a result, I had more chances to handle projects by myself; this would not be possible at a larger company.

I gained experience not only in the standard practices of designing, but skill using computer programs, such as AutoCAD, Orion (Finite Element Program), SCALE (Design Program). These things strengthen my knowledge of using computers to solve the problems and moreover, it makes me more capable of handling the design work. In my opinion, this was a challenging and fruitful experience suitable for people who are ready to tackle difficult problems and getting achievement from their placement.

For me though the most attractive thing was that my colleagues were very friendly and always willing to help! In a great atmosphere, I learnt more than I expected I would in this company.”


You will be working alongside experienced engineers and draftsmen on a range of exciting projects through out the year. You will have the opportunity to develop the skills you have learned and incorporate them into the design of real buildings and will see the actual development of your work. Your daily tasks will vary quite a lot, ranging from the design of various structural members, drainage schemes and site visits to AutoCAD drawings. You will gain valuable experience working with all types of building materials; reinforced concrete, steelwork, timber and masonry.


     Undergraduate Job Description

     What to do next?

Please write to us attaching a copy of your Curriculum Vitae together with your first and, if available, second year transcripts.
We look forward to hearing from you!


We have had the pleasure of working with University of Surrey students in the past.
This is what they have to say about us:

Ying Pang Yu (2007 - 2008)

“I worked at M. Pegram & Associates on placement and was extremely pleased with what I achieved. I gained valuable experience in various aspects of design which gave me a definite advantage when looking for a job after graduating. The team is relaxed but the work very hands on, something I feel I wouldn’t have got at a larger company. Because the projects are local I also often got to go to site and see work going on, this gave me a more practical idea when relating the theory to actual design.”

Dean Halkes (2001)